Memories from S.T.A.N.D. 2011

“My Favorite Thing”
By Michelle Williams

I’m sure throughout the summer you have had the opportunity to digest and reflect on S.T.A.N.D. 2011.  People are still talking about the sessions, the speakers, Sheila B.’s Favorite Things and the Ladies Luncheon. Wow, what an awesome experience for all of us who attended! We were so excited to have ladies of different ages, stages and seasons to attend and I had a chance to meet with a few ladies and talk about the conference and what were their favorite things.
MW: Tell me specifically what you will take away from this conference:
Akeesha Jones: One thing I will take away is where my faith was and where I needed to be in my spiritual walk and to 100% totally depend on God in every situation. Through this conference, I realized that I need to surround myself with good Christian and Godly friends.
Earind C. Jackson, M. Div., Austin, TX: “Well I enjoyed everything that I experienced, but I think the one that spoke to me the most was Rev. Robinson’s session 'Pregnant with Possibility.' I was supposed to be somewhere else and when I walked in I saw the topic and said, “Okay Lord, I am supposed to be here.” I don’t think I ever cried, laughed and shouted in the same sitting and within one hour.” God has been dealing with me on that idea of being expectant in my spirit and that I was ‘nesting’ and needed to be preparing for that which He was doing in my life. It was certainly a Rhema, a very on time word.”
Shelley Drummond, Nova Scotia, Canada: “It is hard to pick a favorite thing. The biggest thing for me was the session on “How to Study the Bible.” I facilitate a Bible study, but I realized I have a lot to learn now. The way she broke it down was just awesome.”
MW: For some of you this is your first time here, is there anything you want to share with us about what it means to be a part of this S.T.A.N.D. conference?
Akesha Jones: “I would definitely encourage them if they can attend to do so. The networking that you gain coming from women right here in Texas to women internationally, to women who are in my home state was great. Women that I met last year, we continue those connections by emailing regularly and praying with one another."
Earind Jackson: I would say the one thing that I appreciate most about the conference and would make me urge someone else to come is that “…most Christian women’s conferences are monolithic; they are all pastor’s wives, or minister’s wives, or for preachers, Christian leaders or for Sunday School teachers. This conference is for everyone.”
MW: So, coming from so far away, how would you encourage women to make that trip, to make this a part of their annual international trip?
Shelley Drummond: “It would be the best vacation they ever took. The financial part is worth the trip. My spirit is overflowing with joy right now and I could give you names of people I want to bring back with me next year. It’s an experience I wouldn’t want my closest friends and sisters to miss.”