Makeovers With Leftovers (MWL)

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When life knocks you down, steals your joy, and takes away your livelihood, what can you do?  
God says, “Live on what’s left!” Right. So how easy is that?  Let Sheila Bailey show you how.

When Sheila Bailey’s husband died, she faced the rest of life alone with limited income and no life direction. How would she survive? Then she found the answer in 2 Kings when the prophet Elisha told a widow with only a little bit of oil,

Go sell the oil. . .and live on what’s left. 
(2 Kings 4:7, MSG)

In other words, “Live on your leftovers!” And that has become her daily mantra and powerful message, which has  exploded into a dynamic ministry that touches thousands of lives each year. In Makeovers with Leftovers, Sheila provides in-depth Bible teaching, including these valuable features:  
  • Researching the Word—exploring God’s message of hope for the hurting
  • Reaching Deeper Down—mining the riches of God’s healing grace
  • Reflections of a Makeover—true stories of people made over by God’s love
  • Personal Review—discussion questions for individuals and small groups
  • Recipe for Personal Change—a practical pattern for making your life over
  • Bonus: Mini Leftovers Cookbook!

Makeovers with Leftovers will renew your hope, refresh your joy, and help you remake your image into His. 

This book is great for Individuals, Retreats, Bible Study Groups, and Conferences.

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Praise for Makeovers With Leftovers...

Dr. Sheila M. Bailey has carefully composed a very satisfying work of art. "Makeovers with Leftovers" is a true treasure for every believer. Dr. Bailey's insight is timeless, practical, courageous, and refreshing. Readers will not only rejoice, but also be encouraged and inspired.

Reverend Bryan L. Carter, Senior Pastor
Concord Church
Dallas, Texas

In Makeovers with Leftovers, Dr. Sheila Bailey provides biblical, practical, life-changing principles that assure us that, even when devastation and drought have ravished us, life is not over. Her work is destined to become a classic on empowered Christian living.

Reverend Denise Foxx
Director of Women's Ministry
Concord Church

"Sheila Bailey's book, Makeovers with Leftovers", is an insightful compendium of practical Biblical knowledge that will encourage you on your life's journey. Sheila explores the depth of her grief (following the loss of Dr. E.K. Bailey) and illustrates how God's word enabled her to take the leftovers of her life and begin to live victoriously."

Sheila Cook

I highly recommend Dr. Sheila Bailey's book "Makeovers with Leftovers" which is an insightful Bible Study. Sheila Bailey is a gifted teacher and instructor on spiritual growth and spiritual walk. I myself am using this Bible Study in my church.

Dr. Willie Richardson
Pastor, Christian Stronghold Church

Life lessons are powerful. Sheila Bailey has opened up her heart, and shared real life lessons, to us a way forward when our lives seem to be in neutral. "Makeovers with Leftovers" gives us a powerful and personal testimony to the statement "little becomes much when you place it in the master's hand." Don't miss this opportunity to experience encouragement and hope.

Dr. Larry Mercer
President, Capital Bible Seminary

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