Prayer Ministry Leadership News

February 18, 2018

From the Desk of Sheila B.

Re: Rev. Carlyn Houston, Sister Mentrall McCloud and Rev. Michelle Price

Hello Friends,
This is an exciting time for Sheila B. Ministries. God is blessing us in many ways. We are very thankful for the time, talent and treasure that you have shared with this ministry. You have prayed for this ministry on many occasions.  You have supported Rev. Carlyn Houston who was the ministries’ National Prayer Director for many years. We thank Rev. Houston for her unwavering commitment and outstanding leadership.  She resigned from that position a few months ago, yet remains Director of Strategic Planning.
I am happy to announce that Mrs. Mentrall McCloud succeeds her as the National Prayer Director and Rev. Michelle Price is the Asst. Prayer Director.  Mrs. McCloud is a member of Faith Chapel Community Church, Lancaster and Rev. Price is a member of New Bethany Baptist Church, Ft. Worth. Expect to hear from them in the near future. Again, thank you for praying and we need your continuous support.
Luv & Blessings,
Sheila B.
Sheila Bailey