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September 11, 2018

Impacting Lives…One Girl at a Time

For the past six years Sheila Bailey Ministries has provided life skills training for adolescent girls.  Initially in 2012, the ministry provided these services by sponsoring summer camps. In 2017 we began serving females in a youth residential facility. These young ladies are part of a crisis intervention program. At first glance one might be uncomfortable and even consider turning away from this assignment, but Sheila Bailey Ministries is definitely up for the challenge! Our team of volunteers is committed to impacting the lives of these girls, and they continue to greatly impact our lives by allowing us into their lives.  

What is this dynamic program that everyone is speaking of?

SPEAK YOUNG SISTA is a life skills training program that helps young ladies learn the benefits of effective communication and public speaking. Upon completion of each four session program the young ladies are able to perform the following with confidence:
  • Speak with confidence and clarity
  • Professional Eye Contact
  • Proper Posture (sitting and standing) 
  • How to engage others in proper appropriate conversations
  • Proper wardrobe choices 
  • Appropriate voice tone and so much more! 
During this six year period, we have served over 100 girls, including 31 during the 2017-2018 initiative. We finish the sessions with the girls expressing what they have learned from the program and their appreciation to Sheila Bailey Ministries for caring about their future!
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 Life Skills Training for Teenage Girls

The Sheila Bailey Ministries life skills training program for adolescent girls in 2017-2018 includes an expressive arts component. During this time the girls at the youth residential facility are engaged in an experiential learning environmental that enables them to know and express personal identity, personality traits, and skills and talents that they can utilize in life interactions. We design tools and varied activities to assess the development and integration of specific life skills. 

We are experiencing successful outcomes and observing participants ability to:  
  • Engage confidently, respectfully, and collaboratively with their peers
  • Become more self-aware and recognize their emotions, how these emotions feel physically, and how their emotions are expressed as they interact with others 
  • Express opinions and views in a relatable manner with their peers and adults
  • Produce artifacts (ex. graphic organizers modern tales, and identity affirmation
The Sheila Bailey Ministries life skills training is a six-week program conducted quarterly. The expressive arts component is conducted in two weekly sessions preceding the four weekly sessions of the Speak Young Sista Program. Sheila Bailey Ministries is serving 31 girls during the 2017-2018 initiative. Thanks for your support over the years for our Speak Young Sista life skills training program, which we will be finishing with the youth residential facility in September 2018.  The girls have continued to express their appreciation for this experience and thanks to Sheila Bailey Ministries for making a difference in their lives!   
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REBUILDing Lives

As of 2016, state and federal prisons in the United States held a combined total of roughly 1.6 million people. Women are currently the fastest growing segment of the prison population. In 2014, there were a total of 215,332 women incarcerated.  Almost two-thirds of incarcerated women in U.S. prisons are mothers, many of these women are new mothers with young children, and 60% of women in state prisons have children under the age of eighteen.1
Rebuilding Lives…one Woman at a Time

For over three years Sheila Bailey Ministries Project REBUILD initiative has provided parenting skills training and support for formerly incarcerated mothers. In a collaborative partnership with the local church and ministry, we have served over 100 women.  These women have paid their debt to society and are seeking to become productive citizens, and provide a fresh start for their children and family.
We schedule caring and sharing events with the women and their children throughout the year.  We provide school supplies and a back-to-school party, Thanksgiving fellowship and gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas, in a fun-filled environment.
We have formed a unique sisterhood as we pray for these women and serve them. We are doing our part and the women are deeply appreciative to Sheila Bailey Ministries for impacting their lives.
Source:  1Emily Halter, Parental Prisoners: The Incarcerated Mother's Constitutional Right to Parent, 108 J. Crim. L. & Criminology 539 (2018).

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