Our Prayer for September 2015

By Donna Skell, Exec. Dir., Roaring Lambs Ministries & Board Member, SBM |  September 6, 2015

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You for the call on Dr. Sheila Bailey's life.  Thank You that You use her so beautifully to teach and to minister to women.  Thank You that You have taken the leftovers of her life and made something big and beautiful out of them, something that pleasures You, something that points others to You, something that fills the empty places of the women with whom she comes in contact.  Lord, You have taken some words of Your Scripture and enlarged them in such a way that it helps others find meaning in life.  You have given Dr. Bailey a big heart.  You have given her much wisdom. You have given her a purpose, a vision, a mission, and a desire to move forward in faith.  For that, we are so grateful to You.  
Lord, I pray You bless her with abundant health to be able to continue what You have started in her.  Lord, I pray You take her places she has never even dreamed of.  I pray You continue to place women in front of her that You can speak to through her.  I pray You allow her to be used to heal broken hearts, to impart just the words of wisdom needing to be heard.  I pray You use her warm spirit, her easy smile, her gentle laughter to minister.  
 Lord, thank you for her beautiful family, her son, two daughters, spouses and grandchildren.  I know what a blessing they are to her.  Please protect them from harm, from illness, from wrong decisions.  You have surrounded Dr. Bailey with amazing family, friends, mentors, and mentees.  For Board Members, and faithful volunteers, for them we are so grateful.  Lord, may the blessings that are hers, spill over to those around her.  Allow her the privilege of blessing others.
Thank You for STAND, for the books, for the Bible Study lessons, for the Workshops, for the teachings that she has shared with others.  Lord I pray You will continue to impart to her that which You want her to share with others.  Enlarge her territory I pray, please take Sheila Bailey Ministries to a new level, using her and those around her in new and fresh ways in those who have not yet met her.  And through it all may You, and You alone, receive all the glory.  Dr. Bailey is a very humble woman, not seeking any personal glory, but desires Jesus Christ to be the one name lifted up.  
Let it be so, dear God.  She is Your servant, and she means so much to all of us, and to me particularly.  She has blessed my life, and so many others. Thank You dear Heavenly Father, for the privilege of meeting, knowing, and befriending Dr. Sheila Bailey.  Bless her, and her ministry, I pray, in Jesus's name with love and respect. Amen
Love you, Sheila.