Leatha Washington Shares Her Makeover with Leftovers Story

December 7, 2018

"Using Leftover Change to Makeover Lives"
End of Year Giving Campaign in Full Swing through December 31, 2018

Meet Leatha Washington

It was several years ago when I read an amazing book written by Dr. Sheila Bailey, "Makeovers with Leftovers." Little did I know what an impact it would have on my life. After leading a Deaconess sewing project to make prayer pillows for nursing home residents, I decided to make fancy pillows as Christmas gifts for senior family members, and everyone of the recipients loved them.

My mom was one of those nuring home residents whjo received a prayer pillow.  I felt such a loss after her death a few months later.  To my surprise, I discovered baskets of sewing notions, ribbon, lace, fabric, etc., in my mom's home.  It was as if she left it all there for me.  It was then I remembered Dr. Bailey's lessons on how God can help you to take what you have left and use it to bring Him glory.  So, with all those sewing items, a new business was born, "Jewels Delights."

Five years later, I have a thriving business named after my mom, making all types of home decor and
personalized gifts.  Thanks, Dr. Bailey for reminding me that God will give us everything we need to live on what is left.  Even though my mom is with the Lord now, I am stronger, wiser and so very grateful for the lessons learned.

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