Let's go shopping for Mother's Day!

May 2, 2017

Ladies, let’s go shopping!  Give while shopping on Amazon!  

If you shop online, chances are you've shopped in the largest online mall on the planet, Amazon.com.  Sheila B. Ministries has become part of the Amazon Smile program that enables online shoppers to give to their favorite charities.  Best part of it is, while you do the buying, Amazon does the giving - up to .5% of all of your Amazon.com purchases can be donated automatically to Sheila B. Ministries! Please take 60 seconds and sign up. It’s a win…win…you can shop and give at the same time!

Here are the easy steps for signing-up:

If you don't already have an Amazon Smile account:

Visit:  http://smile.amazon.com  

  1. Follow the steps provided to set up your Amazon account.
  2. Log back in to your new Amazon Smile account.
  3. A window should instantly pop up, asking you to "Select a Charity" Type in "Sheila Bailey Ministries, Inc." and choose "Select" when "Sheila Bailey Ministries, Inc." is shown.  
If you already have an Amazon Smile account and need to change your selection to Sheila Bailey Ministries
  1. Log into your Amazon Smile account.  In the upper left corner, you'll see a message about who you are supporting - "Supporting...."  
  2. Mouse over the name of the current charity and when the window expands, click "Change."
  3. In the search text box, "Or pick your own charitable organization:" type, "Sheila Bailey Ministries." When the name appears, click the "Select" button.

It’s that easy!  

Start shopping…log on now to check out the entire Mother’s Day Gift Shop! 
Thanks for your support of Sheila B. Ministries.
Sheila B.