Words of Encouragement By Mrs. Shenikwa Cager

Surprised by Grace

“…and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade. This inheritance is kept in heaven for you,” I Peter 1:4

It was the summer of 1998. All the graduates lined the manicured lawn of our university in black robes and caps with dangling tassels. It was GRADUATION DAY! All of my friends and family had made their way through the crowd and found their seats. Both of my grandmothers were escorted in and positioned where they could have a bird’s eye view of their granddaughter.

I left that university with a wealth of knowledge, an experience of a lifetime, many new friends, and a HEAP of student loans. Hey, somebody forgot to mention this part!  I was determined to not have these loans linger over my head for the rest of my life so I immediately set up a payment plan to tackle this mountain. After a year or so I became discouraged because it didn’t seem like the balance was decreasing at all. After talking with friends in the same situation, I was encouraged to just keep working toward the goal of a zero balance.

In 2001, my maternal grandmother who sat at my graduation in a beautiful green suit, who believed in and supported our education, passed away. In the midst of dealing with the grief I will never forget the conversation my mom and I had months later. She said, “Momma Lucy bought an education saving plan years ago for the grandchildren to help support them in school, but it turned out to be a rip off. However, a part of the inheritance she did leave, we are going to pay off the remaining balance of you student loans!”

God has left us an amazing inheritance that does not always look and feel like we expect it to. He has left an an inheritance of salvation by grace, forgiveness and unconditional love. Keep tackling this journey called life one step at a time and watch God surprise you day after day with a rich inheritance that’s worth more than silver or gold.

Dear God, thank you for the inheritance of Grace. Encourage us to live lives that reflect that same grace and unconditional love. Amen.


Accepting Today’s Gift  

Please thoughfully answer the questions below:

  1. How has God shown grace to you this week?
  2. How have you shown grace to others this week?
  3. List 2 things that you have inherited in ways that look different than your “typical inheritance”?

Your Journal of Grace

Complete this statement in your journal:

Today I am grateful for the gift of amazing grace because…

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Shenikwa Cager is a lover of God, people and the pursuit of life purpose. Having a passion for communicating principles with a refreshingly relevant and practical approach, her desire is to see people come to a full understanding of who they are. Her use of humor, practical applications and personal examples from her life to interact and engage her audience encourages them to embrace the person God created them to be.

Shenikwa is the co-author of The Inheritance: Accepting Your Daily Gift of Grace. This devotional leads you on a fascinating 40-day journey into “the incomparable riches of God’s grace.” Shenikwa also serves as the Creative Director and Teacher/Speaker for Sheila B. Ministries and a premier presenter for Proven Way Ministries and Abundant Living 4 Me. She is the Founder of a social networking site, “That Wife Life”, where wives have a safe place to encourage each other and discuss issues pertaining to marriage [Visit http://thatwifelife.com].

Shenikwa has been married to her high school sweetheart, Stephen, for 10 years. They are proud parents of Bailey (7) and Brielle Cager (2).