The Inheritance

God’s wonderful grace is the very foundation of your eternal salvation.  You do not need to earn it—you couldn’t, even if you tried. You do not have to purchase it—it’s far too expensive. You do not have to deserve it—you don’t.  It’s a present of inestimable value purchased by Jesus for the one he adores—you!

While you may believe in grace intellectually, perhaps your real struggle is accepting that grace in your heart for what it truly is—a marvelous, divine gift of your devoted Lover.  

In The Inheritance authors Sheila Bailey, Shenikwa Cager, and Cokiesha Robinson lead you on a fascinating 40-day journey into the incomparable riches of God’s grace. They help you learn how to reach out with your heart and receive this astonishing gift. This uplifting book includes:
• 40 thought-provoking devotionals
• Daily passages from God’s Word
• Prayers to begin your conversation with the Father
• “Accepting Today’s Gift” personal application questions
• “Your Journal of Grace” starting ideas

These three women of God bring you to the very edge of heaven by encouraging you to fully accept and receive the beautiful gift of God’s love—his saving grace.
Grace is yours for the taking. No strings attached. Lavish and free!
So what are you waiting for? Accept it today.

Sheila Bailey, author of Makeovers with Leftovers, and her daughters Shenikwa Cager and Cokiesha Robinson, three powerful, inspirational speaking ministers of the gospel, share the dynamic Sheila B Ministries based in Dallas, Texas. This mother-daughter trio travels together and individually to present life-changing messages from the Bible to events nationwide.

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