Imagine That!

By Shenikwa Cager |  

My 2-year-old daughter, Bailey, loves Sesame Street. Okay, she and I both love it! I recently bought her a new Sesame Street DVD entitled Imagine That. The Sesame Street friends show kids how to have fantastic adventures at home by simply using a little imagination.

One of our favorite past times is popping in a DVD and eating a Popsicle. Bailey loves it and it gives me an opportunity to do two wonderful things: have Teachable moments and Restful moments.

Teachable moments: We go to the freezer and I pull out the Popsicles. You know the ones that come in the plastic and are side by side and come all different colors. Well, I pull them out and I ask her what color would she like. No matter what she says I find a way to go over all the colors with her. Then I ask her how many Popsicles we have left and we start counting. I have her undivided attention because she knows when this is all over she gets the Popsicle of her choice. 

Restful moments: Our wonderful Sesame Street DVDs will last a minimum of 30 minutes. She is entertained, engaged and enjoying her self. I hit the couch! I know there are dishes in the sink, clothes in the hamper and/or something that’s out of it’s rightful place but you heard me…I hit the couch! I kick my feet up and do whatever for a whole 20-30 minutes. Imagine That, savoring such a small amount of time. I close my eyes and chill or text someone who texted me three days ago or simply play games on my phone. All I know is I live for those quick retreats. 

Motherhood is one of the most amazing, indescribable and loving experiences I’ve ever had. Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting to escape it all if only for 20-30 minutes. Imagine That! Like any other mom I desire to be the best mom. Not the best mom in the world just the best mom to Bailey. So I have learned to unapologetically savor, anticipate and take my Terrific 20-30 minutes because in order to be the best mom for Bailey I have to be rested and sane! 

So to all of my fellow mommies allow Sesame Street to not only give awesome lessons to our children but to us as well. Let’s make fantastic adventures in our home for our children and even for ourselves. Imagine That!